Motocross racing is a thrilling speed sport involving man and machine. The sheer velocity with which bikes accelerate is simply hair-raising for the spectators. However, for the riders, it is not just a sport but a matter of life and death and everything between those extremities.

For the rider, having the right bike and gear is critical. Here below are factors to consider before purchasing motocross racing bike and gear;

Bike Safety Features

Not every bike in the market is appropriate for motocross racing. Bikes are designed to meet different customer requirements. For motocross racing bikes, safety features worth checking out include the suspension systems, tire size and the bike’s braking system.

These features enhance the experience and safety of the rider on the tracks. Go for the legendary motorbikes with great safety record and reputation. Never compromise on your safety. Ride safe. Ride Longer.


It is of little use to purchase a bike that will be impossible to service when the time comes for regular checkups. Take into account that a motorbike’s initial cost is not the only consideration. Also, pay attention to the cost and availability of spare parts. This will give your bike a longer lifetime value hence more thrills on the tracks.

Additionally, take into account the convenience of reputable service providers endorsed by the bike manufacturer. This will ensure that your bike is in safe hands hence deriving maximum benefit from your machine.

Quality Gear

Motocross racing is more than just the bike. Having the right gear is indispensable. This includes the helmet, knee braces, goggles, chest protectors, boots and gloves. These items come in handy when the unthinkable happens.

At breakneck speeds, these gear may mean the difference between life and death. To enjoy motocross racing, invest in tested and proven quality gear that will give you the license to stretch your limits.